Thailand Series: Things to do in Bangkok other than the usual tourist attractions!

Bangkok is a busy, vibrant city known for its delicious street food, beautiful parks, good shopping and big markets. Bangkok is packed with plenty of things to do and places to see, most of which are popular tourist attractions. However, if you take a step away from the busy tourist sites, Bangkok has a lot more to offer. Within this guide, you’ll find a few different things to do that you may have never heard of or thought about.

Things to do:

Visit Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is the biggest park in Bangkok. It’s a great place to head if you want some peace and quiet. It’s the perfect atmosphere for a picnic, relaxation or a workout. You can even hire a small pedlo boat and enjoy a quiet ride on the lake in the middle of park. Lumphini Park is a popular location for monitor lizards. We saw 9 when we visited! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the park consists of several paths for walking, running and cycling along with big open spaces with training facilities. We would definitely recommend taking a visit to this park as it is beautiful and a great break from the busy city.

Lumphini Park, Bangkok

Terminal 21Terminal 21

If you’re like us, shopping malls may be the first thing you want to avoid when you’re travelling. However, Terminal 21 is definitely worth a visit. The mall is airport themed with every floor featuring a different area of the world. The nine floors consist of over 600 shops, a cinema, one of the best food courts in the city and a gourmet supermarket. Stop by and check it out! It’s open from 10am – 10pm daily.

Khao San Road/Soi Rambuttri

Being the backpacker capital of the world, Khao San Road is packed with tourists. Endless market stalls; shops, street food, bars, restaurants and locals can be found throughout the day and the night. However, the road seems to become more alive during the night due to the popular night market. You may be thinking that Khao San Road is somewhere that everyone knows about so it shouldn’t be in this post but next to Khao San Road is Soi Rambuttri, which runs parallel. Despite being so close together, the two roads are two different worlds. Rambuttri Road shows you what Bangkok used to be like before it become crowded with skyscrapers. We personally preferred the quieter Rambuttri Road to Khao San Road but we would recommend walking the loop through both, which takes about 30 minutes.

Cruise the river

Rather than taking an overpriced tour down the river, we hopped on a water taxi for around THB20 (£0.50), which was a cheap but great way of seeing the temples and the other attractions down the river.


Airplane Graveyard

Ramkhamaeng, towards the eastern side of Bangkok, is home to one of Bangkok’s hidden attractions. The ‘airplane graveyard’ is a big open space where old aircrafts lie deteriorating.


No one knows how the planes actually got there but apparently, the land belongs to a Thai businessman who has sold the valuable parts of the plane to scrap. To get there, search the graveyard in Google Maps and jump in a Grab Taxi. The address is 594 Ramkhamhaeng Road and you’ll find the site next to a car repair shop.


When you arrive at the gate, you’ll find it’s padlocked and has a no entry sign. Inside the wasteland, live a few Thai families who live in a small shack near the entrance and also in two of the planes near the shack. If you wait at the gate, one of the locals living there will let you in. HOWEVER, they will ask you for THB200 (£5) per person as an entrance fee. Once you’re inside, you are free to explore all you like! You can climb up into the planes, onto the wing and even into the cockpit! It was a bit of a challenge climbing up onto the second and third floor of the Boeing 747 but it was a surreal experience. It was a bit spooky too! This was our favourite part of Bangkok so if you’ve got time, check it out!

Airplane Graveyard
Airplane Graveyard
Airplane Graveyard
Airplane Graveyard

Tip: Watch out for snakes!

Rot Fai Ratchada Night Market

If you feel like you’ve done the Thai night markets and are looking for something a bit different, check out the Ratchada Train Night Market. You will not be disappointed! There are plenty of food stalls selling everything from Thai dishes, fresh fruit shakes and sweet treats. You’ll also find great deals on souvenirs, shoes and clothes. The best thing about this market for us was the multi-coloured tents. If you want to the most beautiful, captivating view, head up to the big shopping mall right next to the market. Go up to car park level 3 and you’ll be mesmerised. We stayed up there for ages taking in the view. You can see the market from tall buildings all around the market but this was the easiest one for us to get to. Who knew a car park would be the best place for a view like this?!

Ratchada Night Market
Ratchada Night Market
Ratchada Night Market

We hope we have inspired you to explore the off-the-beaten-track places in Bangkok that may not be on the top things to do list!

~ Megan and Rowan ~

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